Officer Wellbeing

Officer well-being is our biggest priority and it is a theme we continually visit. You will not need us to tell you that your working environment is affected in many ways not least of all by increased demand and reducing resources but also by other factors.

Too regularly we see see disruption of officers work-life balance as a result of shift changes, rest day cancellation and difficulties in obtaining annual leave in order to fill gaps in service delivery. Why does Christmas and New Year still come as a surprise on some areas? If you asked us today when it will be we could tell you. Changes not only come with a financial cost at a time of budget restraint but there is a bigger cumulative cost to officer health and well-being. We are an emergency service with a 24/7 responsibility, absolutely, but disruptions should be the exception, not commonplace! Since 2010 we have lost a significant number of officers and staff due to budgetary cuts and the end is not yet in sight. It is welcome news to see that we are able to open recruiting but recruitment will take time to affect service delivery and workload reduction. At a time of large scale technological change with the introduction of Niche and Smartphones the working environment has been 'complicated' further increasing the demands on you and we welcome your views on this subject.

Locally the Federation is better informed of officer sickness and injury as a result of the efforts of you and your colleagues in notifying us through our website. We thank you for this as it helps us assist our sick and injured colleagues at an early stage. The Constabulary's introduction of the '7 point plan', first introduced by our new Chief Constable, Andy Marsh whilst at Hampshire is now embedded. We occasionally hear of 'patchy' delivery in some areas and if you feel you did not receive the service you believe you should we will raise your concerns so lessons can be learned.

Continuing the theme of well-being the PFEW Police Welfare Survey has launched and is an excellent opportunity for all of you to give your views on a number of welfare and well-being issues nationally. The link below takes you to the PFEW website where you will find an overview of the survey, as well as the survey itself. We would really appreciate your assistance in getting this completed during February so we have a credible, evidence based piece of research to help us help you.

PFEW Police Welfare Survey