Sickness & Injury Awareness

All too often we find out about injuries to colleagues 'via the grapevine', or even the media. Too many times we become aware of long term sickness when a letter arrives asking us to make contact with officers who may be going onto half pay and make representations. As a staff association we find this situation to be wholly unacceptable.

As police service resources dwindle as a result of budget cuts the occasions of injury and sickness may increase. We cannot appreciate the levels of injury and sickness because the force doesn't share information regarding officers on sick leave with us. We rely on each of you, as well as your supervisors, to keep us informed. Time and time again an early intervention by the police federation has been seen to have a positive effect on long-term sickness. In many cases of injury and assault, as well as sickness, we are able to offer practical advice and support. The most important factor is that we are made aware at the earliest opportunity in order that we can make initial contact and advise in relation to matters that should be considered. Record keeping is important. Injuries on duty, and sickness must be recorded on force systems to ensure information is accurate when it comes to be relied upon many years later in cases of medical retirement for example.

This is a plea to each of you, your supervisors, or indeed anyone who becomes aware of an officer injured or sick that you make us aware. We would rather have too many reports about the same officer or incident than no calls at all. Following the introduction of 'direct reporting' to us via our website we have received an uptake in reports. Please keep using this facility in addition to the force systems.

Report An Injury Or Sickness, and help us, to help you.