Constables Branch Board

The Constables Branch Board represents the majority of the Constables of Avon and Somerset and it is the largest of the Branch Boards representing approximately 2,500 officers. It is our belief that Constables, as the public facing arm of the Constabulary have one of the most demanding roles within the organisation. These officers perform their duties diligently 24/7 and provide the majority of policing that the organisation offers.

The constables role is unique within the police service and one that the Government would like to change. In recent years the role has become more demanding of individual officers. Our view is this, the role of the constable is sacrosanct and it is our belief the sorts of duties that we perform, and are expected to perform, on a daily basis, should only be performed by warranted officers such as ourselves.

What is the future of policing for constables? Whatever the future holds, the Constables Branch Board will keep you informed of up to date proposals and developments as they happen. We will publish the information through these pages and more importantly we want to hear from you. You are the officers we represent but we can only represent you if you tell us about those issues that are of concern to you. You can join us by registering in the private 'forum area' to discuss these issues as they develop.

Each district has a constables Federation representative as well as representatives in this rank for police women and ethnic minority officers. If you want to find out who your representative is, and how to contact them then the details can be found within this site by clicking here.