Inspectors Branch Board

Working Hours Agreement

The Inspectors Branch Board represents all of the Inspectors and Chief Inspectors in the Force.  As the bridge between the rank and file officers and senior managers in the Force, the work of Inspectors and Chief Inspectors is challenging.  The work of representing these ranks from a Federation perspective can be even more challenging.  The Board is made up of officers who bring with them a wealth of experience and skills, and of course all benefit from having had experience at all of the preceding Federated ranks. 

Recently the Board has been heavily involved in the following matters:

  • Distribution of Well Being At Work Manuals for every Inspector and Chief Inspector in the Force.  This document has been produced by the Inspectors Central Committee (the National Federation), and has been very well received by both officers and the Force.  Indeed a quantity of manuals have been given to the training department after requests from them praising its content.
  • A recent review into Inspecting ranks across the Force.
  • Negotiation with the Force in relation to working time limits for Inspectors and Chief Inspectors, protecting TOIL accrued over some years so that officers are still able to benefit from this time.
  • Numerous issues involving alleged discipline against Inspectors (yes, Inspectors and Chief Inspectors get investigated more frequently than you might think).  The majority of these issues have been resolved to the relief and satisfaction of the officers.
  • Issues involving Inspecting ranks and employment Tribunal matters.
  • Frequent on and off record meetings with district senior managers concerning operational and welfare matters.
  • Highlighting inadequate training for Inspectors, including Taser deployments, which has lead to significant improvements. (But there is more still to do).
  • Representation of local members views concerning the future funding of the Federation at a national level.

You will find an Inspectors Branch Board representative on each district across the Force who will be willing to assist you in matters of discipline, welfare, equality, health and safety and they can advise you on the benefits you can receive as a member of the Police Federation.